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Stir Fried Calamari Rings on Rice (Ojingeo Deopbap in Korean) Recipes
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Recipe Name : Stir Fried Calamari Rings on Rice (Ojingeo Deopbap in Korean)
Country : Korea (South)
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Category : Home > Korean Recipes > Rice Food
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* 1 calamari (squid)
* 1/2 a medium onion
* 1/3 of a medium size carrot
* 1/3 stalk of a big spring onion
* A small amount of cabbage.
* Refined rice wine 15 ml
* 2 cups of cooked rice
* A little olive oil
* Seasoning Sauce :Gochujang 1 tbsp, Chili powder 1 tsp, Soy sauce 1 tbsp, Sugar 1tsp, 1 medium sized squashed garlic, Sesame oil 1 tsp (Mix these all together).

calamary marinating sauce


1. Clean the squid. Cut the squid in thin rings.

2. Put the squid into a bowl, and add the refined rice wine. Soak the squid for about 15 minutes in the fridge.

3. Cut some vegetables. Thin slice the onion and carrot.

4. Cut the spring onion in (short angled lengths) and the cabbage.


1. Pre heat the wok for about 20 seconds.

2. Put the olive oil into the wok. Add all the vegetables. Stir it for about 4 minutes (Until its 2/3 cooked)

3. Add the seasoning sauce into the wok and stir it.

calamary on rice cooking process

4. Add the squid into the wok. Stir it thoroughly to mix with veggies and sauce.

5. Cook it for about 2 minutes.(until the calamari gets harder.)
stir fried calamary

6. Put some rice on the plate.

7. Add the stir fried meal on the rice.

8. Serve the dishes and enjoy the meal.