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Recipe Name : General Taos Tofu
Country : Monaco
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Category : Home > Vegetarian > Radish
Chef : Sjbenoist
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* 1 Box firm tofu shopping list
* 1 egg shopping list
* 3/4 Cup cornstarch shopping list
* 1 Tbs cornstarch shopping list
* 3 green onions (Chopped) shopping list
* 1 Tbs garlic (Minced) shopping list
* 1 Tbs ginger (Minced) shopping list
* 2/3 Cup vegetable stock shopping list
* 2 Tbs soy sauce shopping list
* 4 Tbs White sugar shopping list
* 1 Tbs Sherry (or rice wine) shopping list
* 1 Tbs white vinegar (or rice vinegar) shopping list
* 6 Tbs cooking oil shopping list
* red pepper (Dried Red Chinese/Chile de Arbol) shopping list
* 4 servings broccoli florets (Steamed) shopping list
* 4 servings white rice (prepared) shopping list


* Cut Tofu into halves or thirds, and freeze overnight.

* Cut or break Tofu into 1 inch cubes, and lightly squeeze dry. Mix egg with 3 Tbs water and dip Tofu cubes completely before rolling in cornstarch, ensure complete coating.

* Heat 3 Tbs oil in a Wok or non-stick pan and fry Tofu until golden-brown. Remove and drain oil.

* Heat 3 Tbs oil in Wok or non-stick pan (medium heat), and stir-fry green onion, ginger, & garlic for 2 minutes (do not burn garlic).

* Add vegetable stock, soy, sugar, red pepper, wine, & vinegar. Mix 2 Tbs water with 1 Tbs Cornstarch, add to mixture and stir well.

* Add fried Tofu and toss to coat evenly.

* Serve immediately over rice and Broccoli.